Scottish Conservatives sign motion to recognise work of Save A Child’s Heart

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SACH scotsConservative Members of the Scottish Parliament voted last week to recognise the work of Israeli charity Save A Child’s Heart (SACH), following the first MSP delegation to Israel and the West Bank from the Cross-Party Group Building Bridges with Israel.

The motion, lodged by leader of Building Bridges with Israel, Jackson Carlaw MSP, said that Parliament “recognises the work of Save A Child’s Heart, which is based in Israel, on providing life-saving heart surgery and follow-up care to children from developing countries regardless of their nationality, creed or ability to pay”.

The motion adds that the Parliament “understands that it is an Israeli-based international humanitarian project that not only carries out surgery and ongoing care in Israel but helps to provide medical training to other medical professionals and deploys its personnel to partner sites to diagnose, teach and perform life-saving surgery”.

Praising the NGO’s work, the motion adds that it “believes that the organisation treats children from 57 developing countries and holds a weekly clinic for Palestinian children; understands that, to date, it has reportedly saved the lives of over 4,800 children”.

Click here to view the motion in full.

The motion was supported by the following MSPs: Maurice Corry, Miles Briggs, Michelle Ballantyne, Richard Lyle, Margaret Mitchell, Gordon Lindhurst, Murdo Fraser, Tom Mason, Jamie Greene, Jeremy Balfour, Bill Bowman, Alexander Stewart, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Rachael Hamilton.

The Building Bridges With Israel visit took place in August, and Conservative MSPs in attendance included Jackson Carlaw, Murdo Fraser, Bill Bowman, and Maurice Corry.

The group visited Jerusalem’s Old City, the Syrian border, Gold Meir Training Centre in Haifa, and the first ever Palestinian planned city of Rawabi in the West Bank.

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