Terror attacks in Israel and West Bank escalate towards end of week

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Car ramming 2015Several Israelis have been injured this week in a number of terror attacks taking place in Israel and the West Bank, which escalated as the week drew to a close.

This afternoon, a Palestinian driver rammed into two Israeli soldiers north of Ramallah, inflicting minor injuries. The two soldiers, both aged 20, were treated by paramedics at the scene.  The driver was shot at the scene of the incident, which occurred near the West Bank village of Silwad.

Earlier today, a Palestinian man stabbed and moderately injured an Israeli near the village of Abud in the West Bank. The suspected Palestinian attacker was shot dead at the scene of the incident, the IDF said in a statement. He was later identified as Abdel Rahman Barghouti, 26, a Palestinian resident of Abud.

On Wednesday, a number of Israelis were wounded in four separate terror attacks. A 47 year-old man was moderately wounded and taken to hospital, and a soldier was lightly wounded after a Palestinian opened fire from a car at the Hizme checkpoint just outside Jerusalem. The attacker, later named as Mazen Aribah of Abu Dis in East Jerusalem, was shot dead on the scene. It was also revealed that Aribah was an officer in the Palestinian security forces, whose father and nephew had previously carried out terror attacks.

In the afternoon, a 21-year-old Palestinian man from the West Bank city of Tulkarem stabbed an Israeli policeman near the Old City in Jerusalem. Fellow police officers opened fire and killed the assailant while the two were locked in a struggle. In addition to stab wounds, the injured policeman also sustained a gunshot wound during the altercation.

In the evening, a 20-year-old Israeli soldier was lightly wounded after being stabbed at the Tel Rumeida military post in the West Bank city of Hebron, and just north of Jerusalem an Israeli car came under fire. Around ten bullets were fired near the settlement of Kohav Yaakov, but there were no injuries and the driver was able to continue moving and report the incident.

Since October 1st, there have been over 126 terror attacks and attempted attacks carried out against Israelis, resulting in the deaths of 22 Israelis and over 200 injuries. Over 90 Palestinians have been killed, of whom 58 were terrorists, with a further 40 arrested.

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