UK Government: Palestinian leadership needs to prepare their population for peace

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Incitement text bookThe UK Government says that it “strongly condemns all forms of violence and incitement to violence” in a response to a written question by Jack Lopresti MP.

Former Middle East Minister Rt. Hon. Dr Andrew Murrison MP said: “We have robust conversations with the highest levels of the Palestinian leadership, challenging them about the need to prepare their population for peace, including by promoting a positive portrayal of others”.

He added: “I most recently raised the issue with the Palestinian Authority’s Minister for Education at a meeting on 22 January 2020″.

The statement underlined: “We continue to judge that the Palestinian Authority is demonstrating a credible commitment to DFID’s ‘partnership principles’, including the principle of non-violence”.

Jack Lopresti MP had asked what steps the Department for International Development is taking “ensure, through the allocation of official development assistance, that children studying in schools run by the Palestinian Authority are not being taught that it is honourable to commit violent acts against Israelis; and if he will make representations to the Palestinian leadership on upholding their pledge to renounce violence”.

Glorification of terror and violence against Jews and Israel has been extensively documented in the official Palestinian Authority-controlled media, as well as in PA school textbooks.

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