UK media giant Sky invests in Israeli startup Vault Analytics

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Vault AnalyticsSky Startup Investments & Partnerships, a subsidiary of UK news and entertainment giant Sky, has invested in Israeli artificial intelligence (AI) startup Vault Analysis through the Remagine investment fund.

The digital media leviathan (through its UK affiliate) Sky Startup Investments & Partnership has taken an equity stake in Israeli artificial intelligence tech startup Vault Analytics.

The fund which trades as ‘Remagine Investments’ is a serial investor in Israeli innovation. Vault Analytics recently completed a successful Series B financing round with investors clearly excited by its unique offering. The firm uses AI and natural language analysis to forecast which box office and TV shows will be a hit or miss before they are produced through an analysis of the script.

The Tel Aviv based startup has already courted major international media companies as clients during its short life. Emma Lloyd, Director of Sky Startup Investments & Partnerships said: “Six years after our first investment, we are expanding our activity with startups throughout Europe and in Israel. The time we have spent in both Berlin and Tel Aviv has given us a deep impression of the energy, dynamism, and talent in the two scenes”.

In addition to their stake in Vault Analytics, two other notable investments by Sky in Israeli companies include and Minute Media. develops visual search tools and Minute Media operates in the lucrative sports gaming industry.

Going forward this announcement is evidence that Israel will continue to be an important part in Sky’s expansion of its investments in global emerging markets.

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