Will Quince MP: Israel can teach us how to counter the new terrorism

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P1000606CFI Officer Will Quince MP highlighted how Western states can learn from Israel’s approach to fighting terror in an article published in The Times today.

The Conservative MP for Colchester explained that there had been a shift in the type of terror attacks taking place in the West, moving “towards the use of vehicles and knives”, and he underlined that “we should work with our allies, particularly Israel, in learning how to defeat them”.

Mr Quince said: “From intelligence gathering to police operational procedures and airport security, Israel is considered a world leader in many security-related fields, largely as a consequence of its painful history in combating terrorism”.

He detailed how “Israeli police have had to learn and adapt to this new form of attack”, writing that “a revised doctrine of anticipation and rapid response has proven effective against this more ‘rudimentary’ method of terrorism. It is for this reason that Israel is often cited as a model for counterterrorism activities”.

He added: “Of course, what may work or be appropriate in Israel may not be suitable to the UK, yet there is clearly a benefit to discussing this issue. Counterterrorism police from across Europe, including the UK, have been travelling to Israel to receive training”.

Describing the specific measures Israeli security services take, Mr Quince wrote: “Carefully structured counterterrorism units enable Israel to respond rapidly to threats. The installation of defensive barricades and the banning of vehicles in specific high-profile areas (tourist destinations and transport hubs) have also been effective, although they can be disruptive to everyday life”.

The CFI Officer also emphasised that “bolstered intelligence capabilities should be a cornerstone for any Western security service”, and that Israeli intelligence agencies closely monitor social media platforms for signs of radicalisation and plans for any attacks. He said: “While British security services are increasingly monitoring in these areas, the development of advanced technology for data processing based on big data – much of which is done in Israel – will enable security services to respond even more quickly to emerging threats”.

Click here to read Will Quince MP’s article in The Times.

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