"As I have said before, Britain would not be Britain without its Jews. Likewise, the Conservative Party would not be the Conservative Party without CFI. "

− Prime Minister Theresa May, September 2016

"These Conservative Friends of Israel lunches are always special. But this year feels extra special. Not only is this CFI’s biggest ever lunch, with over 800 people and over 200 Parliamentarians... It is only when you travel across the country that you realise it is only the size of Wales – and appreciate even more the impact it has on the world. That is why I’m so pleased that CFI has already taken 34 of the 74 Conservative MPs elected in 2015 to Israel."

− Prime Minister Theresa May, December 2016

"It is important to me that the Conservative Party has a good relationship with Israel and with CFI. You do a great job for the Party and I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done, and even more for everything that you will do in the future."

− Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP, October 2014

"I became a friend of Israel way before I became a Member of Parliament... We relish in the work that you do collectively at a community level, but also at a Parliamentary level as well - the delegations and the support that you all bring to our Party. "

− International Development Secretary, Rt. Hon. Priti Patel MP, January 2016

"CFI has done more to advance the cause of Israel in Parliament and Whitehall, than almost any other organisation I can think of. "

− Apprenticeships and Skills Minister, Rt. Hon. Robert Halfon MP, October 2015

"Ever since my first steps into front line politics I have very much valued the support and the advice of CFI and – of course – Stuart Polak who is such an important part of that. Like so many other MPs, CFI took me to Israel so that I could deepen my understanding of the country and its people, and the other MPs on the trip included one Boris Johnson and George Osborne so we certainly had a lively trip."

− Former Northern Ireland Secretary, Rt. Hon. Theresa Villiers MP, October 2013