200 lbs of bomb making materials found in the West Bank

By September 16 2016, 11:13 Latest News No Comments

Palestinians manufacture mortars, rockets in Gaza200 pounds of bomb making supplies were found in a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank on Monday morning. The joint operation carried out by the IDF and border police also uncovered 1.5 litres of prepared explosive material.

In a separate raid by the IDF in the south of the West Bank, two pipe bombs and two Molotov cocktails were uncovered. In addition, four other Palestinians were arrested in unrelated raids for allegedly taking part in popular terror and violent riots against civilians and security forces.

This follows on from an IDF and Shin Bet raid in December that uncovered a laboratory, which was creating explosive devices allegedly as part of a Hamas cell. In late 2015, security forces arrested more than two dozen suspected Hamas operatives in connection with the laboratory, the majority of those that were arrested were students of Al Quds University. The security services suspected that they were preparing to attack Israeli targets.

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