Ambassador Quarrey: Britain-Israel science links “undermine boycott movement”

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BIRAXBritain’s Ambassador to Israel, H.E. David Quarrey, hailed the “flourishing” bilateral relations between the countries, ahead of the Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership conference (BIRAX) between 350 leading Israeli and British scientists on Monday.

Ambassador Quarrey said: “What comes out of this meeting will have the potential to better the lives of millions worldwide. It is one more example of the flourishing UK-Israel science relationship, which has deepened in the past few years and benefited hundreds of researchers.

He added: “Through this conference, the UK government is showing its commitment to developing this partnership between two science superpowers and its complete rejection of those calling for boycotts”.

Over 350 leading British and Israeli medical researchers are currently meeting in Oxford for the third annual BIRAX Conference organised by the UK-Israel Science Council. 250 British researchers from 33 institutions across the UK are attending.

The conference will showcase the latest developments in regenerative medicine, including joint research by UK and Israeli researchers to fight diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart conditions, and other global health challenges. It is also aimed at creating more opportunities for scientists from both countries to collaborate.

BIRAX, a joint UK-Israel research initiative tackling some of the world’s most debilitating diseases, has invested over £7 million in bilateral research since it was founded in 2011.

The 15 joint research projects funded by BIRAX so far include the use of heart cells to restore damaged heart muscle; and the use of breath tests for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. BIRAX was initiated by the British Council and the British Embassy in Israel, the Pears Foundation and UJIA.

Click here to read the Jewish News’s interview with Ambassador Quarrey.

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