Ambassador Regev addresses 10,000 Hindus at Ram Katha London

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Regev Ram KathaIsrael’s Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Mark Regev, addressed 10,000 Hindus at Wembley Arena last week for the festival Ram Katha London, where he emphasised the bond between Hindus, Jews, Israel and India.

The Israeli Ambassador joined CF India Founding Chairman Lord Popat and Hindu bard Morari Bapu for the holy Hindu recital, which is the largest Hindu gathering in the UK.

Ambassador Regev said: “Jews and Hindus share more in common than many people know. We together hold a fundamental belief in the importance of family… We together are inspirational for ourselves and for our children. We together do our utmost to ensure that every new generation does better than the last”.

He added: “Together, we cherish democracy. Britain is one of the world’s oldest democracies. India is the world’s largest democracy. And Israel is one of the smallest. But I can tell you, Israel is the largest democracy in the Middle East”.

“Together we champion freedom, tolerance and pluralism, and the idea, the concept, the belief that every human being is of equal moral worth. We believe in the power of trade and cooperation to help make a more prosperous and more harmonious world”.

Concluding his speech, Ambassador Regev extended an invitation to each audience member to visit Israel with their families.

Ambassador Regev’s speech follows Indian Prime Minister Modi’s landmark visit to Israel in June, the first visit to the country by an Indian Prime Minister.

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