Blue and White narrowly ahead in final Israel election polls, but Likud bloc has advantage

By April 05 2019, 16:04 Latest News No Comments

Final polls conducted before Israel’s general election on Tuesday reveal the centrist Blue and White party led by Benny Gantz sustaining its narrow lead over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

The polls indicate however that Netanyahu is best positioned to form the next government, as his right-wing bloc led by Likud would beat Gantz’s presumed centre-left bloc by a clear margin.

A poll of polls averaging 13 polls published today projects the centrist Blue and White party winning 30 seats in the upcoming vote, one more than Likud, which is projected to win 29 seats. The same poll projects his expected right-wing faction to win 66 seats in total.

This includes the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism and United Right on 7 seats, the New Right, right-wing libertarian Zehut, and the ultra-Orthodox Shas party on 6 seats each, and the centre-right Kulanu on 5 seats.

The centre-left bloc meanwhile was projected to win 54 seats in total, with 10 for the Labor party, 8 for Israeli-Arab union Ta’al-Hadash, and 6 for left-wing Meretz. Today marks the last day in which polls for the election are allowed to be published.

A poll by Israel Hayom also recorded the percentage of voters for parties who are sure of their vote. Labor topped the list with 77%, followed by United Right (76%), Blue and White (72%), United Torah Judaism (71%) and Likud (70%). At the bottom are Meretz (48%) and Ta’al-Hadash (47%).

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