Business Secretary Sajid Javid hails “golden era for UK-Israel trade”

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Sajid+Javid+(Blake)Business Secretary Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP hailed a “golden era for UK-Israel trade” at the British Israeli Business Awards on Monday night.

The Business Secretary said: “The past few years have been a golden era – what really excites me are the possibilities for the years that lie ahead”.

He praised Israeli innovation, stating: “Over the past 67 years, Israel has made business boom in the barren desert…It’s one of the many reasons I have long admired the country. I travelled there extensively, both for business and with family”.

Speaking of his admiration of Israel’s democracy, Mr Javid said: “Over the years, I have taken a great interest in its affairs. The values that make Israel such a success are values that matter a great deal to me. I share Israel’s love for freedom and democracy. I admire its tenacious determination when the odds are stacked against it”.

The Business Secretary also condemned the NUS’s decision last week to boycott Israel. He stated: “Let me be very clear. I don’t believe in boycotts. Nor, I’m proud to say, does my party, my Prime Minister, or for the most part, my country”.

He added: “On the contrary, my department, including UKTI, are working hard to boost Anglo-Israeli trade and investment. And I, as Business Secretary, will do anything I can to support and promote it”.

Click here to read the Business Secretary’s full speech.

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