CFI Parliamentary Chairman: Boris Johnson “walks the walk” on Israel

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crabbSpeaking to the Jewish Chronicle this week, CFI’s Parliamentary Chairman (Commons), Rt. Hon. Stephen Crabb that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “walks the walk” on Israel.

Mr Crabb added that “He proved that when he was Foreign Secretary and as Mayor of London”.

He underlined: “There is no better campaigner off the block than Boris Johnson… What we will see him doing over the next five weeks is zipping up and down the country, taking the Conservative case to parts of the country where maybe we didn’t think before it would be competitive”.

Mr Crabb said the Conservative party have a “heavy duty” to win the upcoming General Election “for the good of the country, but for the good of the Jewish community as well”.

Mr Crabb emphasised his understanding that “many Jewish families up and down the country are horrified at the prospect of a Corbyn-led government”. This position is reinforced by a recent poll carried out by Survation, which found that just 7% of British Jews would consider voting Labour in the upcoming General Election.

The Conservative party have a firm track record of providing robust support to the UK’s almost 300,000 strong Jewish community. In 2016, shortly after it was drafted, the Prime Minister announced that the UK would immediately adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

In stark contrast, in 2018, the Labour’s National Executive Committee approved a new code of conduct on antisemitism, acknowledging the widely used IHRA definition, but omitting a number of key examples relating to Israel given in that definition. After widespread criticism, the Labour Party adopted the IHRA definition in full two months later.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission are carrying out a formal investigation into allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Click here to read the interview in full.

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