CFI Parliamentary Chairman condemns Jeremy Corbyn for affiliation with hard-line Interpal

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Eric Pickles - IranCFI Parliamentary Chairman, Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles MP has condemned Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn for his affiliation with the hard-line Interpal organisation.

Sir Eric’s comments come in response to reports in the Daily Mail that British charity Interpal part-funded the ‘Palestine Festival for Children and Education’ in Gaza City last week, which included a children’s play in which Palestinian children ‘stabbed’ and ‘shot’ Israelis.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has a long-standing affiliation with Interpal, participating in their events and visiting Gaza with the group.

Sir Eric said: “The Leader of the Labour Party has green lit radicalisation and incitement to violence via his well-documented involvement with notorious hate preachers and Interpal, which is rightly designated in the US as a global terrorist organisation”.

He added: “Time is running out for Jeremy Corbyn to give leadership to his Party. His lack of decisive action in stamping out anti-Semitism is sickening. The public demands and deserves an unequivocal condemnation of anti-Semitism and a renouncement of the repugnant Interpal”.

Click here to read the Daily Mail’s original report.

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