Children enact terror attacks in Palestinian summer camps

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Incitement3424This summer saw many Palestinian children aged between six to twelve participate in summer camps that promoted hate, terror, glorified Martyrdom-death, and denied the existence of Israel – as part of Palestinian Authority (PA) funded summer camps.

The camps were organised by the PLO Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs and the PA’s National Committee for Summer Camps, as documented by the organisation Palestinian Media Watch.

One camp’s activities included children performing terror scenes where they act as Palestinian stabbers, and are also being killed by “Israelis” shooting – then dying an honourable death as “martyrs”.

Other activities saw children drawing and sculpting a map of ‘Palestine’ which erases Israel’s existence. The flag is painted fully in the colours of the Palestinian flag colours.

At another camp, children were divided into groups with given names of terrorists such as terror Dalal Mughrabi – who led a terrorist attack which murdered 37 Israelis, Khalil Al-Wazir – the terrorist responsible for attacks in which 125 Israelis were murdered, and Laila Khaled – PFLP terrorist and plane hijacker.

Earlier this month, one of President Abbas’ Fatah Movement’s summer camps was named after Dalal Mughrabi. Overall, the PA Ministry of Education is reported to have named at least 30 schools after terrorists.

At another camp children drew a Palestinian flag dripping with blood, as well as the outlined map of Palestine, showing no parts of Israel. The text on this map says “We are all a unified homeland”, and around the map names of Palestinian cities are written in addition to the names of Israeli cities including Jaffa, Acre, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Last month in Foreign Office Questions in the House of Commons, Middle East Minister Alistair Burt condemned Palestinian “support for incitement and terror”, and said it is a barrier to peace.

Earlier this year Ambassador Matthew Rycroft CBE, the UK’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has strongly condemned violence against Israelis in recent terror attacks, as well as deploring the “unending cycle of poisonous rhetoric and incitement”.

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