Conservative MP asks if UK Government will review aid to Palestinians in DfID questions

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philip holloboneIn oral questions to the Secretary of State for International Development today, Philip Hollobone MP asked Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP if she will consider reviewing the UK’s aid to the Palestinian Territories, in light of recent reports that the Palestinian Authority pays salaries to terrorists.

Mr Hollobone said: “Every year the PA gives £84m to convicted terrorists serving time in Israeli jails, out of a general fund to which this country contributes part of its £72m a year in aid to the Palestinians”.

The MP for Kettering asked: “Is this not corrupt practice, how is this an example of good governance, and would she consider following Canada’s example of actually making sure our aid goes to specific projects in the Palestinian Territories?”

Ms Greening replied: “Well he will be aware that the trust fund that we are part of is one that is supported more broadly by the international community. It is yet to be clear whether the new Canadian government will change its approach going back to working in the same way that countries like the UK do”.

She continued: “But I should also point out to him that that support sits alongside direct support that is happening on the ground, and I can assure the house that no UK aid money goes towards the Palestine Liberation Organisation”.

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