Conservative MPs attend CFI briefing with Dr Azriel Bermant

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Azriel BermanThis week, Conservative MPs attended a CFI Parliamentary briefing with Dr Azriel Bermant, author of the new book ‘Margaret Thatcher and the Middle East’.

Among MPs to attend the briefing in the House of Commons was: CFI’s Parliamentary Chairman, Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles MP, former Work and Pensions Secretary, Rt. Hon. Stephen Crabb MP, Chris Green MP, and Conor Burns MP, who chaired the event.

Dr Bermant spoke to MPs about his new book, which is an appraisal of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Middle East policy.

He emphasised that Lady Thatcher, who was the MP for Finchley, had a close relationship with the Chief Rabbi, and was consistent in her strong personal support for the State of Israel. Dr Bermant spoke about the UK Government’s policy on the country during her time as Prime Minister.

MPs asked questions on the impact of Brexit on EU-Israel relations, the Iran deal, and the support of Israel in the Conservative Party during Thatcher’s years as Prime Minister.

Dr Bermant is a foreign policy and international security researcher, author and lecturer in International Security at Tel Aviv University. His work has focused on British foreign policy, Anglo-Israel relations, arms control, and nuclear deterrence.

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