Conservative MPs support Israel at DfID Questions in Parliament

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FabricantA number of Conservative MPs stood up in support of Israel during Department for International Development Questions in the House of Commons yesterday.

The MPs to ask questions included John Howell MP, Andrew Percy MP, and Michael Fabricant MP.

Andrew Percy MP asked Secretary of State for International Development, Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP whether she welcomed “Israeli President Rivlin’s call for an urgent international effort to rebuild Gaza, but on the understanding that the hostilities perpetrated by Hamas against Israel must cease?” He additionally asked: “Does she also agree that the continued incitement to violence by Palestinians against Israel must end?”

MP for Lichfield, Michael Fabricant, questioned the Secretary of State on what action was being taken to ensure there was no misappropriation of aid by Hamas in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. Mr Fabricant asked: “How can she ensure that materials such as concrete and scaffolding are not used to construct weapons that can be used against the state of Israel and its citizens?”

Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP replied to state that the Department “have been particularly concerned to play our role in managing that issue”. She added: “That means we can check materials as they enter Gaza and check where they are stored, how they are used and how they are reused. So there absolutely are good controls in place to ensure the materials are used for rebuilding people’s homes and helping them rebuild their lives”.

John Howell MP expressed concern about the Palestinian Authority awarding salaries to prisoners serving terror sentences, asking DfID Minister Rt. Hon. Desmond Swayne MP:  “Is the Minister aware of reports that the Palestinian Authority continues to pay convicted terrorists, and will he investigate whether UK payments are being used for that purpose?”


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