Conservative Party defied expectations with a strong showing in Local Elections

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The CConservative-logoonservative Party defied expectations with a strong showing in Local Elections across England yesterday, retaining a number of closely contested councils and achieving some notable successes.

The Labour Party failed to deliver on its ambitions of taking control of much of London’s councils with the Conservatives retaining crucial councils in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, and Wandsworth.

In Barnet, it appears that concerns over antisemitism within the Labour Party damaged their electoral chances as the Conservatives increased their number of councillors and took control of the council. In West Hendon, Labour lost all three councillors, having held the ward for 40 years, the Conservatives won more than 45 percent of the vote.

The Conservatives recorded other notable successes in Basildon, Peterborough, Derby and Swindon. Although the Conservatives lost control of Plymouth and Trafford Council.

Prime Minister, Theresa May took to Twitter on Friday morning congratulating Conservative Councillors: “Congratulations to the Swindon tory team for a great result, ensuring residents will continue to receive excellent public services”. She also said “Huge congratulations to the Walsall Conservatives team for a great result, becoming the largest party on the council”.

Richard Cornelius, a Conservative councillor in Barnet, said he had heard a lot of anger among Jewish voters on the doorstep. He said the 70 per cent turn-outs in favour of the Tories in Golders Green were an “impressive show of democracy.”

Brandon Lewis, the Conservative Party Chairman said that voters had supported his party after seeing “good, clear and strong leadership” from Prime Minister, Theresa May.

CFI would like to congratulate all the successful Conservative Council Candidates and would like to thank all of our members who attended our series of campaign Action Days.

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