Conservatives make significant gains in local election results

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ToryThe Conservative Party is enjoying the best local election results in at least a decade, after local and mayoral elections took place across England, Wales, and Scotland yesterday.

Conservatives have assumed control of 10 new councils in England and Wales, including Derbyshire, Monmouthshire and Norfolk, while making headway in Scotland.

The Conservatives replaced Labour as the largest party in Cumbria and also gained control of Warwickshire from Mr Corbyn’s party.

The gains have come at the expense of Labour and UKIP. With full results declared by 45 of the 88 councils holding elections, the Tories had control of 13 authorities, including eight gains.

As of 15:52 today, the Conservatives have gained control of an additional 453 seats, Labour have had a net loss of 257 seats, the Liberal Democrats have a net loss of 36, and UKIP have won just one seat, a net loss of 105.

In the metro mayoral elections, Conservative Tim Bowles has been elected as the first West of England combined authority mayor.

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