CST report: anti-Semitism at highest level on record

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CST graffitiAnti-Semitism in the UK reached “unprecedented” levels in 2016, after a 36% rise in the number of incidents, according to the Community Security Trust’s (CST) new report published today.

The CST’s figures show that 1,309 incidents were reported last year – the highest on record.

The charity said that there were now more than twice as any anti-Semitic incidents per month than four years ago – an even higher level of anti-Semitism than seen during the Operation Protective Edge Gaza conflict in the summer of 2014.

2016’s figure compares to 960 incidents in 2015, and 1,182 the year before. More than half of all UK incidents were reported in London.

According to the CST’s report, out of the total 1,309 incidents, there were 1,006 incidents of abusive behaviour, including verbal abuse, hate mail and anti-Semitic graffiti. Damage and desecration to Jewish property increased by a quarter – to 81 reported incidents.

There were 107 violent anti-Semitic assaults reported, the highest number since 2010. 287 anti-Semitic incidents involved social media – a 55% increase.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd described anti-Semitism today as a “deplorable form of hatred” and underlined that the Government is providing £13.4 million to increase security in Jewish areas.

Home Secretary Rudd said: “It is vital we ensure the safety and security of our Jewish community and this government will continue to do all we can to stamp out these vile attacks and encourage those who experience them to come forward.”

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid added: “Anti-Semitism must be understood for what it is – an attack on the identity of people who live, contribute and are valued in our society”.

Mark Gardner, from the CST, said the increase could be partly explained by a greater willingness to report incidents to the police, however, he said: “Racists, including anti-Semites, feel emboldened, feel encouraged, at this moment in time, for a whole range of reasons, to come out with their hatred”.

Mr Gardner added: “They used to keep it under the ground. Now they’re coming out. A lid has been lifted off”.

Click here to read the CST’s full report.




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