Eric Pickles: Israel’s leaders must do more to root out extremists

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Pickles1In the wake of terror attacks by Jewish extremists that killed a Palestinian infant in the West Bank and a teenage Jewish girl at Jerusalem’s Pride Parade, CFI’s Parliamentary Chairman, Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles MP wrote an op-ed in the Jewish News underlining that Israel’s government must do more to tackle extremism.

He stated: “This was a shameful moment for Israel. This was an attack on the very values to which Israel cherishes”.

Speaking of the reaction from political leaders to the West Bank attack, Sir Eric said: “I was in Israel last week at the time of the attack. Condemnation of the heinous crime was immediate and unanimous from across Israel’s political spectrum. Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid was unequivocal: “We’re at war. He who burns a Palestinian baby declares war on the state of Israel”. Thousands of Israelis took to public squares around the country in protest. But condemnation, vital though it is, is not enough”.

He stated that he was confident that the Israel’s Government would bring the perpetrators to justice: “The events of last week necessitate national soul-searching and introspection; however I am confident that justice will run its course. Israel’s authorities have vowed to find the perpetrators of last week’s attack. The terrorists behind the attacks on the Church of the Multiplication and Muhammed Abu Khdeir have been indicted and legal proceedings are underway. These are the actions of a responsible and fully functioning democratic state, but it could do even more to tackle the sources of these problems. Israel’s government must redouble efforts to root out these extremists”.

Sir Eric added: “Crucially, these individuals are not representative of the Jewish state and Jewish community that I support and hold in such regard. These radical criminals are on the very fringes of both Israeli and Jewish society. Israel’s law abiding and peace-loving citizens will prevail in this new struggle”.

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