Five ISIS-linked car bombs explode in Gaza

By July 23 2015, 17:16 Latest News No Comments

Gaza car bombA series of five explosions hit vehicles in Gaza City on Sunday, targeting cars belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials.

Two people were lightly injured in the attacks. The attacks are suspected to have been perpetrated by ISIS-linked supporters, who in recent weeks have threatened Hamas. No claim of responsibility was issued but witnesses reported seeing a freshly painted Islamic State flag at the site of the explosions.

Last month, a propaganda video posted online by ISIS members in Syria made direct threats against what they called “the tyrants of Hamas”, and threatened to overthrow the organisation because they were preoccupied by ‘nationalist’ and ‘secular’ concerns.

In response, Hamas has carried out a spate of arrests of ISIS-linked supporters in Gaza. The Gaza-based Salafists threatened this week to carry out “reprisals” with missile attacks against Israel.

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