Foreign Secretary Hammond urges flexibility from Iran in nuclear talks

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hammond1Foreign Secretary, Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP on Monday urged Iran to show more flexibility in nuclear talks between the P5+1, ahead of the looming June 30th deadline.

Foreign Secretary Hammond said: “There will need to be some more flexibility shown by our Iranian partners if we are going to reach a deal”.

He added: “I think the serious negotiations are now getting underway and over the next week, I hope to start to see some progress…We are pushing hard to get there now”.

The statements come after Iranian lawmakers unveiled a bill last week to deny IAEA inspectors crucial access to military sites to verify the country’s nuclear activities, in another major setback to nuclear talks.

The Foreign Secretary is in Luxembourg for a meeting of European Union Foreign Ministers, where he will also hold talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius also warned on Sunday that any deal with Iran had to be tough and verifiable to ensure no backsliding.

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