Hamas runs summer military camps in Gaza for 25,000 young Palestinians

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Hamas summer campsA year after the latest Israel-Palestinian conflict, 25,000 Palestinians have reportedly graduated from a ‘summer camp’, where they have been given combat training.

The camp ran for two weeks, with the military training focusing on 15-20 year olds, with reports that men up to the age of 60 were participating. Hamas claimed that “the goal of these military training camps is to train the vanguard for liberation — spiritually, intellectually and physically — to be ready and able to play its role in liberation”.

Pictures acquired by the Daily Telegraph show men jumping through rings of fire whilst wearing military fatigues. Images of children as young as five carrying assault rifles are also included in the photo articles. Click here to view the image gallery.

The images of the summer camp have emerged after Hamas have called “open and comprehensive confrontation” with Israel after the terrorist attack against the Palestinian family in Duma occurred last week.

Human rights activists have condemned Hamas for militarising Gazan society and stated that the camps are violating children’s rights.

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