Hezbollah flags flown at London Al-Quds Day march with no arrests made

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hezbollah flagYesterday in London, a number of demonstrators at an Al-Quds Day march waved Hezbollah flags while participating in the annual event near the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

However, police did not act to prevent the display of Hezbollah flags, whose military wing is defined as a terrorist group by the UK Government.

A counter-demonstration of around 500 pro-Israel activists called for “Peace not Hate” as the Al-Quds Day marchers gathered outside the US Embassy.

CFI reported last week that MP for Hendon and CFI Officer, Dr Matthew Offord, wrote to the Assistant Commissioner at the Metropolitan Police to raise his concerns over reports that Hezbollah flags would be allowed to fly at the Al-Quds day rally.

In his letter, Matthew said: “I am concerned to learn of the forthcoming Al-Quds Day rally, to be held in London. The display of Hezbollah, Hamas and Daesh flags causes great distress to many of my constituents and the population as a whole and, in my opinion, is contrary to the Terrorism Act. I will certainly be raising this again with the Metropolitan Police and I hope for a positive response”.

Dr Offord first raised this issue with the Metropolitan Police in September 2015, after witnessing the flag of the proscribed terrorist organisation being flown at a counter-demonstration over the visit of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Downing Street.

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