Hezbollah flags waved, Israeli flags burnt at London Embassy protest

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Hezbollah supporters LondonIsraeli flags were burned and Hezbollah flags were waved again in London this weekend in a protest outside the Israeli Embassy in London.

Saturday’s protest, was organised by a group called the Palestinian Forum in Britain, to counter “Israeli aggression in Jerusalem”, after Israel introduced new security measures at Temple Mount following the killing of two policemen.

Videos of the London protest, posted online by both Palestinian and Israeli supporters, show a group of young men seizing an Israeli flag, running away down the street with it, and later setting fire to it with a blowtorch.

Embassy spokesman Yiftah Curiel said that the protest was “a sickening display of support for terror. Outside our embassy today, thugs stomp on an Israeli flag, while others fly flags of Hezbollah terror group, cheering on the bloodshed”.

The protest on Saturday was one of many outbursts from Muslim communities around the world. Demonstrations took place in Turkey, Jordan, Malaysia and Lebanon as the people responded to the new security measures.

Last month, Hezbollah flags were openly displayed in central London at the annual al-Quds Day Rally. CFI’s Parliamentary group and numerous Conservative MPs have condemned the display and called on the Government to proscribe Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation its entirety.

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