Hezbollah reveals tunnels as it claims it is prepared for war with Israel

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Hezbollah tunnelHezbollah last week invited a reporter from Lebanese publication As-Safir to view its fortifications and underground tunnels, and emphasised that the organisation was ready for battle with Israel.

The report underlines: “The war has not yet arrived, but it could arrive one of these days. Therefore building of new fortifications and tunnels continues around the clock, and instead of tens of thousands of rockets ready for launch there are now hundreds of thousands.”

In reference to Israel, the report states: “The organization’s only option is to fight them [Israel] wherever they are. The southern front will remain the main frontline, and to protect it we must also protect our rear”.

The  report claims that Hezbollah has upgraded its tunnels and that they are located on sensitive spots near the border with Israel. The tunnels were described as a means to launch rockets from Lebanese territory, rather than an offensive tactic to infiltrate Israel as Hamas did during Operation Protective Edge: “It is true that the enemy discovered the ramifications of the tunnel technology in the Second Lebanon War, but the tactic has developed since then”.

Describing the advancement of the tunnels, the report said: “The type of concrete has changed, the ventilation system is different, and the methods for customizing weapons and food have changed. Electricity is provided to tunnels 24 hours a day with the use of generators set up underground”.

It states that a logistical unit replaces food supplies every five months, and adds: “There are devices to neutralize humidity in order to prevent the iron from rusting and there are fans and emergency exists. Those who built the tunnels did not forget any detail…”

According to a report published two weeks ago by the New York Times, Hezbollah has moved military positions and 100,000 rockets into villages in southern Lebanon.

Israeli military officials and experts have asserted that Hezbollah has significantly built up its firepower since its month-long war against Israel in 2006 – increasing it tenfold to possess around 100,000 rockets and missiles. According to military intelligence, the arsenal includes thousands of medium-range missiles that could reach Tel Aviv, and hundreds that could reach any part of Israel.

Hezbollah is currently deeply engaged in supporting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, providing thousands of fighters, of which an estimated 600 have been killed.

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