Home Secretary affirms Government’s “unwavering determination” to fight anti-Semitism and support Israel

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amber-rudd-emunah-speechHome Secretary Amber Rudd affirmed the British Government’s support of Israel and commitment to fighting anti-Semitism at Emunah’s Gala Dinner on Monday.

Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP, the Home Secretary since Prime Minister May’s July reshuffle, said that during the “seismic changes” seen in this country over the last few months, “there has been a constant – the Government’s commitment to the security of Israel and our unwavering determination to fight against the evils of anti-Semitism”.

She underlined that the British Government “will never waiver in its determination to fight anti-Semitism”, and emphasised that “the UK will stand steadfastly alongside Israel”.

The Home Secretary said: “When Israel is under attack we will support its right to self-defence. We will work with Israel and the Palestinians to help bring about the lasting and peaceful two-state solution that all peoples of the region desire and deserve and we will continue to strengthen our bilateral relationship with trade, cultural and scientific exchanges and security cooperation”.

Ms Rudd recalled her trip to Israel in 2012 with CFI: “In a short time, I learned a great amount about the threats Israel faces on a daily basis, an understanding which was truly deepened by visiting the country”.

She continued: “My visit was as uplifting as it was eye-opening, as we learnt about the newly established UK-Israel Tech Hub and the close collaboration between our two countries across many sectors, which has gone from strength to strength”.

The Home Secretary reflected on her visit to Sderot where she saw a collection of shrapnel from Hamas rocket attacks on the city: “I still recall the chilling experience of looking at the remains of rockets that had been fired into the town”.

In her speech, the Home Secretary praised Emunah’s “extraordinary record” of supporting disadvantaged and ‘at risk’ children in Israel.

The full speech can be read here.

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