Iranian General: Hezbollah can wipe Israel off the map by itself

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hezb-regionOn Wednesday, the Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, General Hossain Salami, said that the Hezbollah terror group could “wipe the Zionist regime off the map” on its own.

After gaining extensive experience fighting in Syria, General Salami said that Iran-funded Hezbollah “has now developed such an extent of power through the experience of confrontation against proxy wars that it is now able to wipe the Zionist regime off the map in any possible war by itself”.

The Fars news agency reported that the General’s comments were made at a ceremony in the northern city of Urumiyeh.

Hezbollah is believed to have established four militia bases in southern Syria over the past year – three in the Daraa Governorate and one in the Quneitra Governorate. New volunteers are trained at these bases and reports suggest that in recent months, Hezbollah has recruited hundreds of residents of the Quneitra region.

Earlier this year, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) revealed that it had exposed an established network of Hezbollah terror cells in border villages on the Syrian Golan Heights, which was gathering intelligence to prepare for attacks on Israel.

The UK Government proscribed the Hezbollah terror group in full in February this year, citing its “destabilising activities in the region” and commitment to “armed resistance to the State of Israel”.

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