Israel sends humanitarian aid to flood victims in Kerala

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IsraAiDIsrael has sent humanitarian aid to the southern Indian state of Kerala, which has been hit by the worst flooding the state has seen in a century. More than 350 people have been killed since the monsoon began at the end of May, and at least 220 have died since 8th August, when the rains grew heavier.

Israeli humanitarian NGO IsraAID announced this week that it was sending an emergency response team to the state. The emergency team is assisting and supplying locals with the means to purify contaminated water as well as maintain proper hygiene. The IsraAid team, which is comprised of members who gained experience with humanitarian work in Nepal, will also offer psychological counselling to flood victims.

In addition, the Israeli Consul in Bangalore Dana Koresh and consulate staff delivered a truck of humanitarian aid on Tuesday to the residents of Kerala. Water, food and clothing were delivered in accordance with requests by local authorities.

About 725,000 people have fled their homes to emergency relief camps, and thousands have been left stranded in areas made inaccessible by the floodwaters.


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