Israel detects terror tunnel as mortar attacks on IDF soldiers continue

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terror tunnelYesterday, the Israeli military announced that it had found a second terror tunnel in two months from southern Gaza into Israeli territory.

The tunnel is 28 metres deep and was located a few kilometres from where another tunnel was located and destroyed last month.

An army spokesperson said: “The IDF considers above and below-ground terror activity a violation of the State of Israel’s sovereignty and a threat to its citizens and deems Hamas solely responsible… It is our job to locate and destroy them”.

Israel uncovered and destroyed 32 tunnels by the end of the 50-day Operation Protective Edge conflict in Gaza. Hamas carried out ground infiltrations into Israel through its network of cross-border terror tunnels designed to facilitate attacks and kidnappings of Israeli civilians.

Over the last four days, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have fired around 20 mortars at Israeli positions near the Gaza border.

The IDF reported that its forces has come under fire recently “during operational activities adjacent to the security fence”.

In response to these mortar attacks, the Israeli Air Force has carried out airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.

The last nine months have seen a violent wave of deadly stabbing, car-ramming and shooting attacks on Israeli civilians by Palestinians, resulting in the deaths of 30 Israelis and four non-Israelis.

April was the first month with zero fatalities among victims of terror attacks against Israelis.

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