Israel hit by 45 rockets from Gaza as it strikes Hamas targets

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Rockets from GazaIsrael was bombarded with heavy rocket fire overnight on Tuesday by Gazan terrorists, after the IDF had struck three Hamas military targets in Gaza.

The IDF confirmed their strikes were conducted as a response to the repeated launching of incendiary kites and balloons with explosive devices attached to them from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

Terrorists fired 45 rockets and mortar shells into Israel over the course of four hours early Wednesday morning, forcing thousands of citizens in southern Israel into bomb-shelters.

Six rockets reportedly exploded inside Israeli communities, causing damage to cars and buildings but no injuries were reported. One was reportedly fired at a kindergarten in the Eshkol regional council, with the IDF saying only “luck” prevented any injuries. The rest of the projectiles seem to have landed in open fields.

An IDF spokesperson has said that the Iron Dome missile defence system intercepted seven rockets that were on course to explode in populated areas of Israel, while three failed to pass the Israeli border and landed inside Gaza.

The IDF confirmed it had responded to the rocket barrages by targeting 25 military compounds in the Gaza Strip that belonged to Hamas. An IDF spokesperson said they will continue to use all means necessary to protect Israeli civilians and that it is prepared to continue operating with increased intensity to respond to terror attacks.

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