Israeli army uses revolutionary treatment to save Palestinian attacker

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revolutionary treatmentOn Friday, two Palestinian men attempted to stab a group of Border Police officers at the Tapuah Junction in the West Bank and were shot by security forces. One attacker had died of his wounds and the other was in a critical condition when Israeli army medics arrived at the scene.

Lt. Moshe Cohen led the team of paramedics who treated the Palestinian attacker who was suffering from multiple organ failure and had lost a lot of blood.

Cohen and his team gave the assailant plasma, a costly blood substitute, in order to revive him. This revolutionary treatment saved the attacker’s life, and as of Sunday evening he was alive but in a serious condition at a hospital in Nablus.

Cohen said that regardless of whether the injured is a terrorist, civilian or IDF soldier, “my job is to treat”.

He added that “this wasn’t the first time, and I assume it won’t be the last time that we treat terrorists… during the daily routine, we are constantly treating Palestinians… it happens all the time”.

In the last month of Palestinian terror attacks, 11 Israelis have been killed and over 100 injured in 58 stabbings, 5 shootings and 6 car rammings.

Over the weekend, two stabbing attacks were foiled by IDF soldiers. On Saturday, a Palestinian armed with a knife attempted to stab Israeli guards at the Gilboa/Jalama crossing near the West Bank city of Jenin.

Three Israeli border police were injured on Sunday following a car ramming attack at Beit Einun, a Palestinian village north of Hebron. The assailant escaped, but later handed himself in claiming that the attack was a hit-and-run rather than a terror attack.

Earlier on Sunday, a Palestinian armed with a knife lunged at IDF soldiers near Kiryat Arba and was shot dead.

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