Israeli director wins Oscar for best live action short film 

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nativIsraeli filmmaker Guy Nativ won the Oscar for best live action short film for his short film “Skin” at the weekend. Nativ won the Oscar with his wife and alongside co-writer and fellow Israeli Sharon Maymon.

Guy Nativ thanked his grandparents, saying: “my grandparents are Holocaust survivors. The bigotry that they experienced in the Holocaust — we see that everywhere today, in America, in Europe. This film is about education, about teaching your kids a better way”.

Nativ vowed to bring the statuette to Israel: “We will bring the prize to Israel for everyone because this film is half-Israeli…We are Israeli producers and this film was made by Israelis”.

The film Skin is about the effects on a small town after a black man smiles at a white child in a supermarket.

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