Israeli emergency aid teams provide support for flood victims in Peru

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Peru IsraaidIsraeli NGO IsraAID began an outreach mission to Peru last Tuesday, providing water purification solutions, distributing supplies and training community leaders in trauma prevention, following recent flash floods and landslides which have devastated much of the country’s infrastructure. At least 100 people have died in the floods, and 700,000 have been left displaced and homeless.

The humanitarian organisation has sent five psychosocial experts and water, sanitation and hygiene specialists on the mission.

The group have been helping Peruvians to reopen schools and have provided training to teachers, social workers and community leaders to enhance their capacity to respond to the needs to children and community members in the aftermath of the traumatic natural disaster.

Naama Gorodischer, Director of IsraAID and leader of the current mission in Peru, said that the current water contamination threatens the outbreak of serious diseases, famine and sanitation problems: “One of our biggest concerns is water access…Many of them have lost homes, and even if their house didn’t get ruined many of their family members’ did…houses are still underwater”.

She continued: “The level of stress is very high, so we also train them to prevent secondary trauma…through self-care activities and rebuilding their strength to be leading entities in their communities for rehabilitation”.

The IsraAID mission is focused on rebuilding local communities after over two weeks of mudslides in Peru. Director Gorodischer stated: “Our approach is relying on rebuilding the capacity of the community to respond to their own needs, rather than doing direct activities”.

IsraAID is an Israeli humanitarian aid organisation that responds to emergencies and disasters globally. Founded in 2001, the NGO has helped millions around the world rebuild communities and cope with the aftermath of crises.

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