Israeli man stabbed at West Bank petrol station

By August 10 2015, 16:41 Latest News No Comments

Israeli casualtyAn Israeli man was stabbed in a petrol station on Sunday night, while he was driving through the West Bank on his way to Jerusalem.

Yehuda Ben Moyal, who has a wife and four children, was attacked by a Palestinian terrorist in the back and shoulders whilst filling his tires with air.

Although Yehuda attempted to escape several times, the assailant continued to chase and stab him. Eventually Yehuda got back into his car and was able to flee the scene.

Palestinian workers at the petrol station reportedly alerted the IDF who arrived at the scene after Ben Moyal had already left the scene. Before being neutralized by the police, the terrorist tried to stab other victims at the gas station.

The incident comes at a time of increased tensions in the West Bank after the Jewish terror attack against a Palestinian family in Duma last week.

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