Israeli man stabbed in family home by Palestinian terrorist

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attack marchOn Tuesday, an Israeli man was stabbed in front of his family in his West Bank home, before shooting dead the Palestinian attacker. The incident took place in the Israeli settlement outpost of Havat Mor, near Hebron.

The Israeli man, Shabtai Koshobalski, opened his front door after hearing a suspicious noise and was confronted by the terrorist who was armed with two knives, according to the South Hebron Hills Regional Council.

Koshobalski reportedly went back inside his home to retrieve his gun when the terrorist followed him inside. The attacker stabbed Koshobalski in front of his wife and children, causing him to suffer light knife wounds. Koshobalski was able to grab his gun during the attack and kill the assailant.

The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry named the attacker as Saad Muhammad Ali Qaisiya from al-Dharia, near Hebron. There has been no suggestion that he was associated to any specific terror group.

42 Israelis and four foreign nationals have been killed in stabbings, car ramming and shooting attacks carried out by Palestinian terrorists since October 2015. Over 650 people (including a number of Palestinians) have been wounded in over 350 attacks, many of them seriously.

At least 240 Palestinians have been killed, the overwhelming majority while carrying out terror attacks, and others during clashes and demonstrations.

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