Israeli medical team restore sight to 90 Kyrgyz patients

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Israel eyeA volunteer delegation of Israeli medical professionals has travelled to Kyrgyzstan to treat patients – many of them blind for years – and restored sight to 90 Kyrgyz patients in the past month.

The delegation, led by the Eye of Zion organisation, arrived in Kyrgyzstan two weeks ago to perform complicated procedures such as cornea surgery, plastic surgery, tumour removal and the treatment of cataracts in children.

Director of the Eye of Zion delegation, Professor Dov Weinberger, said: “Many remain blind only because the doctors in their country don’t have the means to treat them”.

The delegation included Dr. Yonina Ron from the Schneider Children’s Medical Centre and Dr. Asher Milstein from the Kaplan Medical Centre, and treated children and adults alike.

The Eye of Zion organisation is a volunteer Israeli group established to provide professional medical treatment to underprivileged populations around the world. Delegations of medical professionals and equipment are exported to these countries and local doctors are taught modern medical procedures and techniques to ensure the sustainability of the project.

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