Israeli startup reports successful transplant of lab-grown bones

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biogroupAn Israeli biomedical company announced that it has for the first time successfully transplanted artificially grown human bones into a group of patients suffering from bone loss.

A statement from Bonus BioGroup on Monday said the semi-liquid graft injected into the jaws of 11 people during the first phase of the clinical trial earlier this year had successfully fused to existing bone and filled gaps in the deteriorating jawbone.

The company said: “For the first time anywhere in the world, a quick, and effective and safe bone rehabilitation using a single injection of a living, growing graft transplanted inside a human bone has been completed successfully”.

Scientists at the Haifa facility manufacture the bone graft tissue using an innovative technique of taking live fat cells from patients by liposuction. After the fat cells are lab cultivated into mature bone cells, the tissue is re-injected into deteriorating bones of patients.

Since the grafts are taken from the patients themselves, the procedure generally prevents the common problem of a transplanted graft being rejected by the body.

BioGroup’s breakthrough was presented at the International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Madrid on Monday.

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