Israeli startups to provide cyber security advice to leading UK companies

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cyber security texchangeNext week, top UK banks, insurers and telecom companies will host leading Israeli cyber security startups in London to learn how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

From Monday, companies including Aviva Insurance, BT, Goldman Sachs, RBS and Visa will host a series of events in London for 12 Israeli startups as part of TeXchange, an initiative by the British Embassy in Israel that connects promising Israeli startups with UK businesses seeking digital solutions.

TeXchange, organised annually by the UK Israel Tech Hub, has already resulted in the signing of over 20 UK-Israel partnership agreements.

The initiative is part of the UK Government’s determination to safeguard businesses and organisations from cyber attacks. In the past year the number of cyber attacks on UK companies has risen sharply. After a Government report was recently released, Britain’s top firms and charities have been urged to do more to protect themselves from online threats.

Director of the UK Israel Tech Hub, Ayelet Mavor said: “Israel is a major world player in cyber security solutions, both commercially and in research. There are nearly 400 Israeli cyber companies, totalling around 8% of global cyber exports”. She added: “We are confident UK companies can gain a competitive edge on their security needs by partnering with Israel’s cyber industry”.

This year’s programme is the largest in terms of UK participation. Hundreds of UK companies and over 60 Israeli start-ups have taken part in TeXchange events. The Israeli companies that have taken part include MindoLife, a small start-up that recorded a significant $20 million pact with India’s SAR Group.

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