Israeli trauma experts to train refugee care workers in Berlin

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Berlin RefugeesFive members of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) are to fly to Berlin on September 11th, spending five days there in order to train clinicians, caregivers and volunteers who work with refugees.

The primary aim of the trip is to teach staff to give emotional first aid and teach them to build their own cohesion and ability, so that they can better deal with fatigue.

The team is flying to Berlin at the behest of two refugee camps who invited the Israelis to assist them; the refugee camps contain 350 people each. The Director of ITC Tali Levanon previously visited Berlin and noted that there are some anger and violence issues, which are related to social problems.

The team is being sponsored by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and a local German welfare organisation. The team consists of experts from: Natal Training Centre for Victims of Terror and War, Amcha – a mental health and social support service for Holocaust survivors in Israel; Community stress prevention centre and lastly, Mahut, which teaches resilience and emergency preparedness.

The ITC previously worked in France, where it supported French professionals who were dealing with the victims of terrorism.

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