Joint Israeli-Palestinian poll shows support for two-state solution

By August 25 2016, 19:18 Latest News No Comments

netanyahu abbasA new poll conducted jointly by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) has found that Israelis and Palestinians still show significant support for a two-state solution, with 59% of Israelis and 51% of Palestinians supportive.

While a majority of Israelis and Palestinians support the two-state solution, they do not trust one another and disagree on the terms of a permanent settlement, the poll found.

However, at least a quarter of those opposed to a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinians are flexible and it is likely that they would reconsider their position if the right conditions were met.

A large majority (68%) of Palestinians admire Israel’s democracy while only 10% of the Israelis regard the Palestinian democracy positively.

In a meeting with Conservative Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) on a CFI delegation earlier this month, PSR Director Dr. Khalil Shikaki told the group that Palestinian President Abbas’s “electoral legitimacy has expired”.

Indeed, the new poll findings show that only 32% of Palestinians describe Palestinian democracy as good or very good. By contrast, 65% of Israelis describe Israeli democracy as good or very good.

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