Kristallnacht remembered around the world

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EmaLyqhXYAELxSoOn 9th November, synagogues across Europe kept their lights on overnight to commemorate the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, in a memorial event ‘Let There Be Light’, coordinated by March of the Living.

The main synagogue in Frankfurt (one of the few not destroyed on Kristallnacht) was illuminated and personal messages from all round the world were projected on the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commended the campaign in his message and said: “That night of broken glass led to humanity’s darkest moment. Today we unite against antisemitism, hatred and intolerance. We will never let the light go out”.

UK Special Envoy for Post Holocaust Issues and CFI Parliamentary Chairman (Lords) Rt. Hon. The Lord Pickles said: “After Kristallnacht there were no more excuses. After Kristallnacht the nature of the Nazis was plain for all the world to see. After Kristallnacht the world paid the price for looking away”.

CFI’s message pledged: “We will leave our lights on to remember the consequences when hateful rhetoric goes unchecked, and as a sign that we will not stay silent in the fight against antisemitism”.

Numerous Conservatives submitted messages, including Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London Shaun Bailey AM, CFI Vice-Chairman John Howell OBE MP, Brendan Clarke-Smith MP, and Darren Millar MS.

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