Leader of House of Commons condemns “utterly unacceptable” stabbings in Israel

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Chris Grayling, justice secretary.The Leader of the House of Commons and senior Cabinet minister Chris Grayling this week condemned the “utterly unacceptable incidents” that have taken place over the past few weeks in Israel and the West Bank.

Responding to CFI’s Vice Chairman John Howell MP, who called for a debate on the issue, Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP, expressed his concern at the “utterly unacceptable incidents [that] have taken place, including stabbings out of the blue and other incidents that have led to death and serious injury”.

He continued: “We need to be constantly aware of that in this country and use every opportunity to try to facilitate talks and peace between the two sides”.

The question was raised by CFI Vice Chairman John Howell MP in Business Questions on Thursday. Howell asked for a “debate on this serious issue”, referring to the “dramatic escalation in violence across Israel and the West Bank over recent weeks”.

Grayling added that he would ensure that the Foreign Secretary addresses the issue in the House of Commons soon.

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