Lord Polak calls on UK-led coalition to stop China from getting UNHRC seat

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Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 16.15.39CFI Honorary President Lord Polak CBE this week condemned China’s “appalling and inhumane treatment” of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, and called on the Government to “create a coalition of allies” to vote against allowing China to become a member of UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Speaking in the House of Lords on Wednesday, Lord Polak said: “China has just announced its wish to become a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council—yes, my Lords, the Human Rights Council”.

He added: “The Government have rightly condemned China for the appalling and inhumane treatment of the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. They have also rightly condemned China for its crushing of Hong Kong”. However, he underlined: “History teaches us that condemning is not enough”.

Pointing out China’s links with Iran, he said: “Currently, China is agreeing a $400 billion economic security deal with the terror-supporting Iranian regime. So, not only is it destroying human rights at home in China; it is clearly a threat to human rights worldwide”.

Lord Polak asked the Minister: “Will my noble friend the Minister therefore agree with me that the Government should now lead the world and create a coalition of allies to vote against allowing China to take a seat on the UN’s most senior human rights body? Otherwise, our words of condemnation will, sadly, be just words”.

FCO Minister Lord Ahmad said in his response: “I hope, in making a decision we will certainly consider very carefully the human rights records of countries which aspire to speak about human rights at the HRC”.

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