Lords urge Government to proscribe the IRGC

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Members of the House of Lords urged the Government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in a debate on Tuesday.

CFI’s Parliamentary Chairman in the House of Lords, Rt. Hon. The Lord Pickles, underlined that the IRGC “is an organisation that pays people that send missiles into residential areas in Israel and use children as human shields, and that were paying for organisations that murdered a British mother and her children”. He asked, “what more does the IRGC need to do” for the Government to proscribe it?

Conservative Peer, Lord Wolfson of Tredegar KC, noted that there is no reason why the IRGC should not be proscribed and urged “the Government to take the only decision available to them, and to take it soon”.

The IRGC last week issued a fatwa against British-Iranian activist Vahid Beheshti, who was on hunger strike outside the Foreign, Commonwealth, Development Office for over 70 days before being hospitalised.

Recently discharged, Beheshti has moved to a safehouse to continue his recovery. Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, he said: “I’m not going to stop my activities, not even for a second, otherwise the Ayatollahs win”. “Of course, I am worried. I am dealing with all these emotions around me from my family, my wife, all the supporters and friends around me, but I cannot stop now. I’m going to be even more active after this”, he added.

The activist is yet to receive a direct response from the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary. He warned that “IRGC agents operate on UK soil, and we cannot tolerate their behaviour”. “We have to put an end to this gang of terrorists, and I’m going to stay in my tent until we achieve this in totality”, he affirmed.

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