Michael Gove: “To me, Israel is an inspiration”

By April 13 2018, 16:30 Latest News No Comments

Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP underlined that Israel is “an inspiration” to him, ahead of Israel’s 70th birthday next week.
Commenting in the Jewish Chronicle, Mr Gove emphasised: “To me, Israel is an inspiration. It shows that the human spirit can achieve amazing things against incredible odds”.

Praising Israel has a “beacon of liberty”, the Environment Secretary said: “The Jewish people after millennia of persecution built a home while surrounded by enemies and made that home a beacon of liberty. Israel’s vibrant democracy, respect for individual freedom and restlessly innovative culture make it an example to others”.

He asserted: “Every time I visit I’m amazed at what Israel has achieved and ashamed that so many respond to its achievements by indulging in the oldest hatred. The best response to that prejudice is to celebrate an amazing country which has endured so much and which at 70 shows the rest of us the power of hope”.

Mr Gove was the guest speaker at CFI’s Annual Business Lunch in December 2017, where he underlined his staunch support for the Jewish state in front of 700 guests, including 170 Conservative parliamentarians.

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