Minister for the Middle East welcomes Ambassador Regev to role

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Regev and EllwoodIsrael’s new Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Mark Regev, was welcomed to his role by Minister for the Middle East, Tobias Ellwood MP, in their first meeting this week.

Following their meeting on Wednesday, Mr Ellwood said he “was delighted to meet Israel’s new Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev and welcome him to the role”. He added: “We discussed a range of issues including Israel’s security, economic matters and steps towards peace in the region. I look forward to working closely with Mr Regev and building on what is already a strong relationship between the UK and Israel”.

Mr Ellwood reiterated the strong bond between the UK and Israel, with bilateral trade flourishing in recent years and currently worth over £4.5 billion.

Ambassador Regev succeeded Daniel Taub earlier this month. He was appointed to become Israel’s Ambassador in London in August last year but remained in Israel to continue to serve as foreign media spokesman to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking at the Oxford Union on Tuesday, the Israeli Ambassador set out his position on issues including Syria, Hamas and anti-Semitism.

On Hamas and the prospects for peace, Ambassador Regev said: “The Hamas terror group represents an historic anti-Semitic trend within Palestinian politics, that dates back to Haj Amin al-Husseini. Palestinian refusal to accept the Jewish State is the greatest obstacle to peace. There is no alternative to the two state solution. This is a dream we can never give up on”.

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