Naz Shah MP revealed to have attended series of anti-Israel protests

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IMG_3683.JPGIt has been revealed that Naz Shah, the MP at the centre of the anti-Semitism crisis that engulfed the Labour Party last month, has a history of anti-Israel activity including carrying a mock coffin of a Palestinian child.

The Labour MP was pictured attending a series of protests against McDonald’s, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s due to their alleged support of Israel, prior to her controversial remarks.

The Bradford West MP was active in a Bradford Boycott group that called for action against organisations and businesses that “support apartheid Israel”.

On August 7, 2014, the group shared an image from a shop in Kashmir with the sign: “I don’t sell or welcome any Israeli in my shop”.

The Daily Mail reports that Ms Shah attended the protest at McDonald’s just hours before she made a Facebook post calling on Israel to be “relocated” to the United States. In this protest, she spent the evening ‘playing dead’ in McDonald’s with two of her children, aged seven and ten at the time.

The report states that the group stormed the Bradford restaurant, chanting: ‘Allahu Akbar’. They staged a number of protests at the branch and smeared ketchup across the premises, according to activists. Footage shows activists chanting: ‘Free, free Palestine.’

Ms Shah also co-ordinated protests at Sainsbury’s and Tesco, and carried a coffin at a pro-Palestine rally in London where she was filmed chanting: “Shame on you”.

The firms were singled out by Bradford Boycott as being in support of Israel.

Last month it was revealed that Naz Shah had shared a graphic arguing for the “transportation” of the Israeli population out of the Middle East and into the US, claiming in the post that the “transportation costs” of deporting Israelis would be “less than 3 years of defence spending”.

In another post, the MP urged people on Facebook to back suggestions Israel was “committing war crimes” in a poll in 2014 and said that “the Jews are rallying” to vote. Another report revealed that Ms Shah had made Facebook post comparing Israelis to Hitler.

Ms Shah issued an apology to the Jewish community in the House of Commons, and was suspended from the Labour Party pending investigation at the end of April.

Click here to read the full Daily Mail report.

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