Netanyahu at UN calls on Palestinians to resume peace talks

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to renew peace talks and warned that Iran remains a threat to nations far outside the Middle East,  in an address to the UN General Assembly this Thursday.

Reiterating his commitment to restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “I am prepared to immediately, immediately, resume direct peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority without any preconditions whatsoever”.

He added: “Unfortunately, President Abbas said yesterday that he is not prepared to do this. I hope he changes his mind”.

On Wednesday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas used the same platform at the UN to announce that the Palestinians would no longer adhere to the Oslo Accords. The 1995 accord established the foundation for a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Israeli Prime Minister spent much his 40-minute speech to the UN General Assembly on the nuclear deal finalised in July between Iran and P5+1 world powers.

He warned that Iran was building “intercontinental ballistic missiles, whose sole purpose is to carry nuclear warheads” and that the regime was funding international terror groups. The Israeli leader underlined that “Israel will not allow Iran to break in, sneak in or walk into the nuclear weapons club”.

During his visit to the UK this month, Mr Netanyahu underlined that he was committed to restarting peace negotiations with the Palestinians: “Anywhere. Anytime. Now. Without preconditions”. He declared his determination to restart the peace process: “Because I’ve been to war, and peace is better… But in our part of the world, a peace you can’t defend does not last”.

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